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Mixed Service All-Position Tire


Premium 5-Rib Highway Service Tire
The Double Coin RR200L is a highway service, all-position commercial truck tire that provides superior tread life. With a tread depth that promotes long original mileage, the RR200L truck tire also features a tread pattern that promotes solid traction and even wear. Deep 18/32” original tread depth for optimum use in highway applications Abrasion-resistant tread compound enhances original tread life Durable casing promotes multiple retreads

Downloads:RR200L Specifications


The Double Coin RR4 is an all-position truck tire built for mixed service uses on/off highway. Engineered with large open grooves and aggressive shoulders, this commercial truck tire provides superior performance in most on/off highway applications. Strong all-position tread pattern designed for multiple on/off highway uses. Heavy duty casing construction for excellent performance in tough application.

Downloads:RR4 Specifications


Premium Regional All-Position Tire
The RR700 all-position commercial truck tire features a solid shoulder design for even wear and long original mileage without compromising traction. This 5-rib, 4-groove truck tire provides superior handling and a smooth quiet ride. Tread pattern/heavy ply rating designed for multiple uses. 5-rib design is excellent for all axle positions. Durable casing provides long original tread life and promotes multiple retreads.

Downloads:RR700 Specifications


Premium Multi-Purpose All-Position Tire
The all-position multi-purpose RR800 radial is designed by Double Coin to provide superior performance in all applications. Its deep tread depth promotes long original tire life and durable casing design assists in promoting multiple retreads. Wide shoulders promote even wear and excellent traction. Durable casing of this truck tire promotes multiple retreads.

Downloads:RLB800 Specifications


Premium low profile all-position tire
Engineered for multi-use applications, the RR505 is a low profile all-position tire that features a unique tread design for outstanding traction and even wear. This durable tire also features sidewall ribs designed to resist curb damage and abrasion. Innovative tread design and compounds promote excellent traction and resist irregular wear Deep original tread depth provides maximum tread life Durable casing construction perfect for tough regional and urban use


Premium all-position tire
The Double Coin RR660N is an all-position tire built for long-term use. Its 4-rib, wide groove design with channel siping promotes water dispersion, which improves handling, increases lateral stability, and delivers superior traction. The RR660N will stand up to the workload, while delivering long original tread life and offering consistent retreadability. Premium 4-rib tread design with wide shoulders provides for durability and even wear in steer/all-position tire applications Deep original tread depth provides long original tread life Enhanced channel siping and wide grooves allow for superior wet/dry traction


Premium Highway Drive-Position Tire
Double Coin's RLB300 commercial truck tire is an on highway drive-position tire designed for long original mileage and superior traction. The tread pattern design is well suited for most applications. Unique tread block pattern for improved traction and handling in wet/dry conditions Deep tread depth for long original mileage Extra wide tread for enhanced tread life and improved handling

Downloads:RLB300 Specifications