Large Radial OTR

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Large Radial OTR Tire


(E-4) Haulage
The Double Coin REM-9 Radial OTR tire's radial design offers special compounds to withstand severe mining applications extend tire life and promote long-term retreadability. The REM-9 off-the-road tire is designed with a non-directional center rib tread pattern for enhanced off-the-road traction. Its deep tread depth also provides extended tread life in a wide variety of conditions. Unique non-directional tread design for added off-the-road traction Special compounds to withstand severe mining applications, extend tire life and promote retreadability Compounds for superior off-the-road performance: A cut and chip; S standard; B heat

Downloads:REM-9 Specifications


(L-5) Loader
The Double Coin REM-18 is a radial OTR tire built for severe loader applications. This off-the-road tire is constructed with special chip and cut resistant compounds to promote an extended original tread life and long-term retreadability. Designed with a wide footprint and center rib for stability, the REM-18 OTR features a directional tread design for increased forward traction. Wide footprint for stability; center riding rib for ride comfort Special cut and chip resistance compounds extend tire life and promote retreadability Directional tread design for increased off-the-road forward traction

Downloads:REM-18 Specifications