Radial Industrial

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Radial Industrial


(SS) Skid Steer
The Double Coin REM-3 OTR features a special uni-directional tread design for maximum traction in off-the-road skid loader applications. Its radial design offers optimum performance and increased tire life, as well as an enhanced ride and handling. Special uni-directional design for maximum traction in skid loader applications Increased tread life with optimum compounds Enhanced off-the-road handling and ride with radial design

Downloads:REM-3 Specifications


(IND) Industrial Lug
The Double Coin REM-6 OTR’s radial design promotes optimum performance, wear and stability. This industrial lug tire is engineered with special tread compounds to fight rapid wear and enhance traction in all OTR applications. Flat, wide tread face provides optimum performance and wear Wide size range offers optimum stability and reduced lateral movement in a wide variety of applications Special tread compounds fight rapid wear

Downloads:REM-6 Specifications